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Malta's Geography

Malta is surrounded by water and it is located in the Mediterranean Sea. It is around 93km south of Sicily and it is also 300lkm north of Libya. Even though Malta can be found in Europe, it is actually farther south when compared to Tunis. Malta is one of the three largest islands in the area and these islands are the only ones that are inhabited. The other two islands are known as Gozo and Comino and these are known for their rich populations. The islands that are uninhabited include Filfla, Cominotto and the St. Paul's Islands.

In total, the country is around 122sq miles in terms of area which includes plenty of bays along the coast. This provides Malta with great harbours and the landscape is also very well known for its high hills. When you reach the heart of the island however, you will find low and flat plains so this certainly adds an interesting dynamic to this densely populated country.

Malta is well known for being home to the Ta' Dmerjrek which stands at over 830 feet. This is a very popular sight for tourists and other people who visit the area, not to mention that it is also every trekker's dream as well.

The climate in Malta is very Mediterranean. This means that it has very mild and rainy winters but in the summer the climate is hot and dry. In fact, in January temperatures can plummet to 9˚C but when July comes around, they can reach as high as 30˚C.

This alone makes Malta a very popular destination but it has so much more to offer.